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Ancient Indian History questions for all competitive exams Test 1

It is tough to cover all the topics in Indian History. The vast Indian history describes about all the civilizations, dynasty, emperors and much more. So we decided to provide you most important questions not only for CDS, AFCAT or NDA but it will also help in other competitive exams like SSC, IBPS, Railway etc. We request to read carefully the questions with answers provided below. It will surely help you. Check Ancient Indian History questions below. After reading all these questions you will have a great knowledge about Ancient history. These questions are mentioned sequence wise as the civilizations occurred.

Ancient Indian History questions

1) Name the first civilization of India and when it came into an existence?

Indus or Harappa civilization. It was discovered in 1921.

2) Describe all the four “Vedas”.

Rig Veda: Book of Hymns in the form of prayers to Gods

Sama Veda: Book of melodies & chants, deals with music

Yajur Veda: Book of sacrifices, deals with rituals and formulae

Atharva Veda: Book of Magical and Technical fromulae, deals with medicine, customs and culture of Aryans.

3) Who is known as the creators of Vedic civilization?

“Aryans” are known as the creators of Vedic civilization. Vedic period can be classified in two parts: 1) Vedic Age (1500-1000 BC) 2) Later Vedic Period (1000-600 BC)

4) Where is Lumbini, the birth place of Gautama Buddha located?

Nepal, near Kapilvastu the capital of Shakyas

5) Where Buddhism was initially originated?

India (It spread into neighboring countries Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand)

6) The largest Buddhist temple in the world is located in


7) Janism was founded by whom?

Rishabha (The first Tirthankara of Jainism)

8) Who is the last Tirthankara (24th) of Jainism and when he was born?

Vardhamana Mahavira. He was born 540 BC at Kundala grama, Vaisali (Bihar)

9) Name the language used by Jains?


10)The Capital of Magadha Empire was shifted from Rajgirha to?

Patilputra (Now it is called Patna)

11) Name the dynasty which ruled Magadha Empire

Haryanaka Dynasty (544-412 BC)

Shishunaga Dynasty (412-345 BC)

Nanda Dynasty (344-322 BC)

12) Who is the founder of Magadha Empire?

Bimibisar (Later on his son “Ajatasatru” came to power after killing his father)

13) Who was the founder of Mauryan Empire?

Chandragupta Maurya

14) Who was Chandragupta Maurya? (Important)

Chandragupta Maurya dethroned the last Nanda ruler Dhananand and occupied Patilputra with the help of Kautilya, (also known as Chanakya). He established the “Mauryan” empire. He was follower of Jainism ruled for 24 years.  The first king who called a national ruler.

15) What is Arthasastra and was written by?

Arthasastra which provides information about Mauryan systems. It was written by “Kautilya“.

16) Name the war defeated by Chandragupta on the banks of Sindhu?

Selucus Nicator in 305 BC

17) Who was Bindusara?

Chandragupta’s son

18) Who was Ashoka the great?

He ascended the throne after the death of his father Bindusara. He was officially crowned in 268 BC.

19) When and where did Kalinga War took place?

261 BC at Dhauli (It was the victorious war in Ashoka’s reign)

20) Name all the famous stupas of Ashoka?

Sanchi, Sarnath, Barhut

Here is the Part 2 of Ancient History Questions

Aspirants this is Test 1. We will back with Test 2 soon.

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