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Antonym for CDS, AFCAT, NDA (Part-I)

Antonyms are asked in every exam either it is NDA, AFCAT, CDS many other defence exams. We are listing some antonyms which are important for you. Candidates are requested to judge themselves. Answers to these antonyms are given in the end. Please have a look on it! Check Antonym for CDS, AFCAT, NDA (Part-II) below in the post.

Antonym for CDS, AFCAT, NDA (Part-II)

1. Awe

a. borrow

b. shallow

c. low

d. contempt

2. Abate

a. free

b. augment

c. provoke

d. wane

3. Impecunious

a. wealthy

b. cautious

c. hungry

d. tardy

4. Fallacious 

a. perfect

b. truthful

c. accidental

d. disarming

5. Elan 

a. inelegance

b. stupidity

c. obscure

d. despair

6. Tacit

a. grand

b. dictated

c. illicit

d. messy

7. Vertiginous

a. horizontal

b. litigious

c. constant

d. lowly

8. EQUIVOCAL (Asked in NDA 2004)

a) Quaint

b) Mistaken

c) Clear

d) Universal

9. Entice 

a. piece

b. repulse

c. attract

d. repeat

10. Expansive 

a. generous

b. honest

c. narrow

d. troublesome


d. contempt

b. augment

a. wealthy

b. truthful

d. despair

b. dictated

c. constant

c. Clear

b. repulse

c. narrow

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