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Brief on Articles of an Indian Constitution

We know that either it is CDS, AFCAT or NDA. Indian Polity plays an important role.If you have observed questions are also asked from Indian Constitution. So we are to give you a brief on Articles of an Indian Constitution. You must have knowledge about Indian Constitution. Let’s look on the articles of our Indian Constitution.

Articles of an Indian Constitution

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S.No. Part ArticleWhat is it?
1Part 1Articles 1-4Territory of India,, admission,, establishment or formation of new states
2Part 2Articles 5-11Citizenship
3Part 3Articles 12-35Fundamental Rights
4Part 4Articles 36-51Directive Principles of State Policy
5Part 4 AArticles 51-ADuties of a citizen of India. It was added by the 42nd Amendment in 1976
6Part 5Articles 52-151Government at the Union level
7Part 6Articles 152-237Government at the State level
8Part 7Articles 238Deals with states in Part B of the First Schedule. It was repealed by 7th
Amendment in 1956
9Part 8Articles 239-241Administration of Union Territories
10Part 9Articles 242-243Territories in Part D of the First Schedule
and other territories. It was repealed by 7th Amendment in 1956
11Part 10Articles 244-244 A Scheduled and tribal areas
12Part 11Articles 245-263 Relations between the Union and States
13Part 12Articles 264-300 Finance, property, contracts and suits
14Part 13 Articles 301-307 Trade, commerce and travel within the
territory of India
15Part 14Articles 308-323 Services under the Union and States
16Part 14 A Articles 323A-323BAdded by the 42nd Amendment in 1976 and deals with administrative tribunals to hear disputes and other
17Part 15Articles 324-329 Election and Election Commission
18Part 16 Articles 330-342 Special provision to certain classes ST/SC
and Anglo Indians
19Part 17Articles 343-351Official languages
20Part 18Articles 352-360 Emergency provisions
21Part 19Articles 361-367Miscellaneous provision regarding exemption of the President and
governors from criminal proceedings
22Part 20Article 368 Amendment of Constitution
23Part 21Articles 369-392 Temporary, transitional and special provisions
24Part 22Articles 393-395 Short title, commencement and repeal
of the Constitution

Remember this not detailed information. This much information on Indian Articles is more than sufficient. Hence if you want the whole descriptive constitution.  Drop the comment below.

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