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How to Crack Screening test in SSB Interview

How to Crack Screening test in SSB Interview

Screening test which is conducted on the first day of SSB Interview. Screening test in SSB comprises of two parts 1) OIR Test & 2) PPDT Test. In the previous days, I have explained a lot about these two tests. Let’s have a quick review on both the tests. Also, today I will guide you how to crack screening test in SSB Interview. Let me clear you it is an easy test, just be calm and relaxed.

1) Officer Intelligence Test

This is a written test of Screening test as well as of SSB interview. The most easiest test to that even 9th-10th students can also clear it. These questions check your IQ level.

OIR test comprises of two test booklets which have 50-55 questions. You have to attempt all the questions in 17 minutes.

To read more about OIR Test, its syllabus, sample questions, click here

How to clear OIR Test

These are general tips not to specify in detail. I am just giving you some quick tips:

  • Practice: Trust me you can clear this test. It is good if you practice OIR questions before the exam. Check the OIR syllabus click on the link above. Verbal and Non-verbal questions are asked. There is no other alternative to practice.
  • Speed: It is only 17 minutes test. The most important thing matters in this test is “Speed”. It will good if you practice these questions by setting time.
  • Books: Prepare for OIR test from recommended books. I personally advice you to prepare from R.S. Agrawal. It is more than enough.
  • Attempt all questions: There is a plus point in Officer Intelligence rating test. There is no negative marking scheme. So try to attempt all the questions

So I  think this much tips for OIR test may help you 🙂
Next comes PPDT, screening is more based on PPDT test. Let’s first discuss it.

2) PPDT test

The second part of a screening test is more important. Basically, this test is categorized into three parts 1)Story Writing 2) Individual narration 3) Group Discussion

Also read: 

What actually you have to do? Candidates have to write a story on the picture shown, narrate it and discuss it with a group.

If you wanna more details regarding PPDT test check here

What are Officer like qualities, check here

How to crack PPDT Test?

  • Watch the picture carefully and Write whatever the first strike in your mind.
  • Check out the number of characters, age, sex and mood
  • Try to write story in a positive way
  • Give a centralized heading to your story
  • When we talk about narrating a story, be confident and stay cool 🙂
  • Proper body language should be there
  • There is not a compulsory use of English language. You can use Hindi also but along with English. The suitable term for it can be “Hinglish”
  • How you present yourself is more important than language. So be expressive.
  • Group Discussion is all about social adaptability. So try to maintain decorum over there.
  • GD is conducted in order to judge how much you cooperate with the other group members
  • Do not participate in a fish market, it actually happens there. In that situation stay quiet don’t get irritated
  • Listen to everyone’s story. You can get help in weaving your story. Pick up their important points.
  • In your turn keep your suggestions worthwhile. Be sure that you are keeping your story simple and short
  • Don’t take much time

Sure shot tip for both the test believe and say to yourself that you can do it! 🙂 🙂

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All the very best and Keep Smiling 🙂

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