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Difference between TAT and PPDT

You must be familiar about PPDT and TAT in SSB Interview. Till now we cleared that what are they, how these tests are conducted, tips and many more. Now it’s time to know the differences between them. So today we will give you the solid points differentiating them. Before that let’s discuss a short brief about them.

What is TAT in SSB

TAT or Thematic Apperception Test which is protective psychological test conducted after the screening test.

Know more it here

What is PPDT in SSB

PPDT or Picture Perception and description test which is a screening test comprises of story writing, narration and group discussion.

Now come forward to discuss the Differences between TAT and PPDT below

What is the Differences between TAT and PPDT 

Conducted on DAY 1 Conducted on DAY 2
Story Writing, Narration and Group Discussion Only Story Writing
Only one image is shown Eleven pictures are shown. One blank slide is also included in it
Individual and Group Participation are important It is totally based on your individuality
Blurred or Hazy Pictures are shown Clear images are shown
Your Communication skills + writing skills matters a lot Whereas in TAT writing skills are required
Duration: 4 min (Total Time) Duration: 4 minutes for each picture
Result is declared on the same day TAT result is never declared only it increase your chances for selection
Example:picture-perception-and-description-test-sample-pictures-for-ssb-screening-test-6-638 Example:



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