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EKT syllabus 2016 for mechanical engineering

Students who have applied for Technical Branch in AFCAT 2016 exam. Now they are searching for EKT syllabus 2016 for mechanical engineering. This is the right platform to get EKT syllabus 2016 here in this post. We are providing a detailed syllabus by covering all the topics.

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Just go through the AFCAT EKT syllabus and kick off your preparations from now.

EKT Syllabus 2016 for mechanical engineering

1. Engineering Mechanics

  • Equivalent force systems
  • equations of equilibrium
  • free-body concept
  • virtual work and minimum potential energy
  • trusses and frames
  • impulse and momentum (linear and angular)
  • Kinematics and dynamics of particles and rigid bodies
  • energy methods
  • central force motion

2. Strength of Materials

  • Stress and strain
  • stress-strain relationship and elastic constants
  • Mohr’s circle for plane stress and plane strain
  • bending and shear stresses
  • shear force and bending moment diagrams
  • thin and thick cylinders
  • deflection of beams torsion of circular shafts
  • thermal stresses
  • Euler’s theory of columns
  • strain energy methods

3. Theory of Machines

  • Displacement, velocity and acceleration
  • planar cams and followers
  • analysis of plane mechanisms
  • gear tooth profiles
  • dynamic analysis of slider-crank mechanism
  • balancing of reciprocating and rotating masses
  • kinematics and design of gears
  • governors and flywheels

4. Vibrations

  • Free and forced vibration of single degree freedom systems
  • vibration isolation
  • effect of damping
  • resonance
  • critical speed of rotors

5. Fluid Mechanics:-

  • Fluid properties
  • fluid statics
  • buoyancy — Control-volume analysis of mass
  • manometry
  • fluid acceleration
  • momentum and energy
  • Bernoulli’s equation
  • Boundary layer
  • Differential equation of continuity and momentum
  • Viscous flow of incompressible fluids
  • Flow through pipes
  • Elementary turbulent flow
  • head losses in pipes
  • bends etc.

6. Heat Transfer :

  • Modes of heat transfer — One dimensional heat conduction
  • electrical analogy
  • resistance concept
  • fins — Dimensionless parameters in free and forced convective heat transfer
  • unsteady heat conduction
  • Radiative heat transfer
  • Thermal boundary layer
  • effect of turbulence
  • shape factors
  • black and grey surfaces
  • network analysis
  • Heat exchanger.

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Here we end with EKT mechanical engineering syllabus 2016. We will also cover EKT syllabus 2016 for computer engineering, electrical and electronics. Just keep in touch with us!

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