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GK Questions asked in AFCAT 1 2016 exam 21 Feb

In today’s AFCAT exam unfortunately question paper was taken back that too with rough paper 🙁 So this time we do not have question paper of AFCAT & EKT. But we are posting some GK questions asked in AFCAT 21 Feb 2016. Have a look on them!

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GK Questions asked in AFCAT 1 2016 exam 21 Feb 

  • “do or die” slogan was given by Gandhiji during? Quit India Movement
  • AC to DC Converter? Rectifier
  • India took Embraer aircraft from? -Brazil
  • The Mughal–Maratha Wars were fought emperor in the rule of? Aurangzeb
  • Enzymes are? Proteins

  • Rajya Sabha dissolves in? It is a permanent house
  • Transport of oxygen in body? Hemoglobin
  • Who is the author of book ” The Year of Runaways”? Sunjeev Sahota
  • France honored highest civilian award to? Yashwant Sinha
  • The 50th Jnanpith Award was awarded to? Bhalchandra Nemade (50th Jnanpith award
  • Australia batsmen Phil Hughes was hit by? Bowler Sean abbot
  • Saina Nehwal lost match at which city in world champion? Jakarta
  • Earth rotates at?  1° / 4 minutes
  • Name the rescue operation in Nepal by the Indian Government (At the time of Nepal’s earthquake): Operation Maitri
  • The Indian Anti tank missile? Amogha 1
  • When Solar Eclipse occurs?

We will continue to post more questions with answers………………………..

(If there is any mistake or you want to add more please drop the comment below)

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Updated: August 28, 2016 — 9:31 am


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  1. Rajya sabha is permanent house. It does not dissolve.

  2. india take embraer aircraft from-brazil

  3. Most enzymes are proteins, although a few are catalytic RNA molecules.

    1. hai frnd if u hav question paper plzzz send me on my mail…

    2. No
      Read the QUESTIONS asked carefully then reply The thing you are writing dosent matches with the question

  4. Nag is anti tank missile which is successfully experimented in 2015

  5. gravitational force on lunar is 1/6 of the earth gravitational force

  6. Film haider got golden prize

  7. any body hav the question paper….
    plzzz send me if anybody have. ..

  8. The largest oil fields in gujrat in ankelwer

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