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Complete Details of GD in GTO

Topics covered in this post:

  • What is Group Discussion?
  • How it is conducted?
  • What is observed in Group Discussion?
  • What are the important topics for Group Discussion?

What is Group Discussion?

Group Discussion is a first test in GTO (Group Testing Officer). GTO begins with this test. Let me first inform you it is a simple discussion where candidates can talk/discuss on the given SSB Topic in a very friendly way. “ऐसा डिस्कशन “जिसमे आप दिए हुए विषय पर अपने विचार अनौपचारिक या औपचारिक ढंग से प्रस्तुत कर सकते हैं”. GTO is the care taker of this group discussion. The whole Discussion is performed under the supervision of GTO.

You must have seen people gather in a tea stall and they start discuss on some particular issue (mostly politics). Similarly you have to discuss your views in this test.

How it is conducted?

There will be two GD sessions. The group will be divided into 8 or 12 candidates (depending on the quantity). Let’s discuss it in a detailed manner

Group Discussion 1

In the first session, GTO will provide three topics out of which aspirants have to select one topic for discussion. Time alloted to choose the topic is only 15-30 seconds. After selecting the topic, GTO will give you 3-4 (approx) minutes to think over it. Finally he will order the group to kick-start the discussion. The discussion will go at least 15 -20 minutes long. Until the GTO will stop the discussion will go on. This round is quite easy.

Group Discussion   GD   GD Topics   SSB Interview

Group Discussion 2

In Group Discussion 2 aspirants will be given mandatory topic to be discussed. Alas!! this time no choice and the topic will be decided by GTO himself. Generally the topic in this discussion is tough. This round will also go 15-20 minutes long. There will be 2 minutes gap after the completion of first round.Group Discussion   GD   GD Topics   SSB Interview 2

What is observed in Group Discussion?

    • Active Participation: It is already understood that you must actively participate in the Group Discussion. GTO notices each and every candidate in the group that which candidate is participating in the group. And up to which extent.
    • Communication skills (Speaking skills): Effective communication skills  becomes very important in the GD. Your opinions should be to the topic. Candidates must have enough skills to influence others.
    • A good listener: Speaking skills and good listener runs parallel to each other. Along with influencing communication skills you must be a good listener. You will need this quality in Fish Market :).
    • Your knowledge on the particular topic: Deep knowledge with accurate facts matters a lot in every place. It is paramount to keep knowledge of things happening around you. When you have deep knowledge of something you actually grasp attention (It usually happens with everyone 🙂 )
    • Your Patience: The another supreme quality observed in you is “Patience”. Do not interrupt other members in the group. Let them speak, trust me guys it will help you.
    • Power of Expression: It sometimes happens with most of the people “who have knowledge but can’t express it”. Representing your knowledge in a perfect manner can impress GTO. So try to speak for 10 minutes in front of mirror daily.

What are the important topics for GD?

Now I am guiding you with some important topics for GD in SSB.

      1. Global Warming
      2. globalization
      3. Naxalism
      4. Education in India

Here is a long list of Latest GD Topics (must read)

So this was the whole group discussion in SSB.

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