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History questions for NDA, AFCAT, CDS

Today we NDAexamresult.com is again here to present some important questions of Indian History for NDA, AFCAT, CDSE. We analysed the history questions that were asked in previous years. So we also designed some set of questions to crack Defence exam. Check out History questions for NDA, AFCAT, CDS

History questions for NDA, AFCAT, CDS

1) Which of the following was not founded by Dr.B. R. Ambedkar?

A. Deccan Education Society

B. Depressed Classes Institute

C. Peoples Education Society

D. Samaj Samata Sangh

2) Which of the following pairs are correctly matched?
1. Warren Hastings – Regulating Act
2. Wellesley – Subsidiary Alliance
3. Cornwallis – Permanent Land Settlement
4. Dalhousie – Abolition of Sati

A. 1, 2 & 3

B. 1, 2 & 4

C. 1 and 3

D. 2 and 3

3) Upnishads are books on :
a) Social life
b) Philosophy
c) Medicine
d) Politics

4) This act aroused a gesture of popular indignation that led to the annihilation by the British at Jallianwala Bagh. Identify the act from the given options?
A.Rowlatt Act

B.Vernacular Press Act

C.Civil Rights Act

5) In the ‘individual Satyagraha’, Vinoba Bhave was chosen as the first Satyagrahi. Who was the second?

B) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
C) Dr. Rajendra Pradesh
D) Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel

6) Under the constitution of India, which one of the following is not a fundamental duty? 

A) To vote in public elections
B) To develop the scientific temper
C) To safeguard public property
D) To abide by the Constitution and respect its ideals

7) The Indian National Congress was founded by

A. W.C.Bannerji

B. Annie Besant

C. Mahatma Gandhi

D. A.O.Hume

8) The Civil services in India was established by

A. Lord Rippon

B. Lord Dalhousie

C. Lord Cornwallis

D. Lord William Bentick

8) Who inspired the young Bengal Movement in the 19th century ? [

A) Ram TanuLahiri

B) Henry Vivian Dorozev

C) Piyare Chand Mitra

D) Rasik Kumar Malik


1. A) Deccan Education Society

2. D) 2 and 3

3. B) Philosophy

4. B) Vernacular Press Act

5. D) Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel

6. A) To vote in public elections

7. D) A.O.Hume

8. A) Lord Rippon

9. B) Henry Vivian Dorozev

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History questions for NDA, AFCAT, CDS

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