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IAF Fighter Pilot Training

Indian Air Force offers an excellent opportunity to join as a fighter pilot. Indian Government also showed a green flag to approve the proposal in order to induct women pilots in IAF. Everyone is pretty excited to know IAF Fighter Pilot Training. So let us come and know about it.

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Indian Air Force Fighter Pilot Training

When we talk about Armed Forces, it’s usually first strikes in our mind soldiers during their training period. Same as fighter pilot training is quite rigorous which is divided into these training phases.

  1. Beginning training
  2. Advanced Training
  3. Noncombat training

1) Beginning Training:

  • This is the initial training stage where Pilots learn about technical point of view of aircraft. They are first taught theoretical approach of air combat principles and then practical demonstration.
  • Candidates who passed AFCAT and CDS exam they have to complete a pre-flying training program at Indian Air Force Academy that too before commencing of Phase 1.
  • The total duration of phase 1 training is six months

2) Advanced Training:

  • After the completion of their successful training pilots will enter in phase 2. In this phase, you will be assigned either fighter, transport or helicopter. There is a choice but that choice can be exercised only on the completion of an advanced stage of training.
  • Candidates who made their entry through Short service commission are specifically for helicopters and transports.
  • The whole selection process training program goes 24 weeks long.
  • Those pilots who are shortlisted enter into phase 3rd and they become commissioned officers.
  • Hence, after successful completion of phase 3rd pilots are sent to their respective squadrons.


3) Noncombat training:

Actually, everything is not totally based only on theoretical and practical points. Indian Air Force fighter pilots also practice, take part in cultural activities and do extracurricular activities like public speech, outdoor games, debates etc in order to develop OLQ’s. Also to keep them stressed free in all the conditions like combat air sickness 🙂 🙂

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