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Important five years plans for AFCAT, CDS, NDA

We are aware AFCAT, CDS exams are not far apart. So students should acknowledge yourself with the each and every events going around you. Here we are giving some important five year plans in India you must know about it. NDAexamresult.com is sharing all the five years please have a look on it.


  • 1st Five Year Plan (1951-56) – Priority of Agriculture
  • 2nd Five Year Plan (1956-61) – Priority of Industries Sector
  • 3rd Five Year Plan (1961-66) – Self Reliance
  • 4th Five Year Plan (1969-74) – Removal of Poverty, Growth with Justice
  • 5th Five Year Plan (1974-79) – Removal of Poverty and Self reliance
  • 6th Five Year Plan (1980-85) – The emphasis same as 5th Plan
  • 7th Five Year Plan (1985-90) – Food Production, Employment, Productivity
  • 8th Five Year Plan (1992-97) – Employment Generation, Control of Population
  • 9th Five Year Plan (1997-02) – Growth Rate of 7 percent
  • 10th Five year Plan (2002-07) – Self employment and resources and development
  • 11th Five Year Plan (2007-12) – Comprehensive and faster growth
  • 12th Five Year plan (2012-17) – Improvement of Health, Education and Sanitation. Main Theme of 12th Five year Plan “Faster, Sustainable & more inclusive growth”.

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