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Medical Standard for the flying branch in Indian Air Force

Medical Standards for the Flying Branch (Additional)

There are possibly few medical criteria for the flying branch, be sure that you meet all the requirements. IAF has listed chief physical standard for both men and women. Perhaps, it may or may not be strict to these criteria only. The decision will be finalized by the Medical Board. This article will give you the whole information regarding Medical standards for the flying branch

Do check before applyingImportant Instructions before filling AFCAT 2 2016 application form

1. Anthropometric Measurements

The acceptable anthropometric measurements for both Men and Women are as follows:

  • Minimum Height – 162.5 cms
  • Thigh Length – Maximum- 64 cms
  • Leg Length – Minimum- 99 cms.Maximum- 120 cms
  • Sitting Height -Minimum- 81.5 cms. Maximum- 96 cms

2.  X-ray of cervical and Lumbosacral spine will be carried out.

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3.  The following conditions detected radiologically will disqualify a candidate for all Air Force Duties:-

  • Granulomatous Disease of spine
  • Arthritis / Spondylosis
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis and allied disorder
  • Osteoarthrosis, Spondylosis and Degenerative joint disease.
  • Non-articular rheumatism ( e.g lesions of the rotator cuff, tennis elbow, recurrent lumbago etc).
  • Misc disorders including SLE, Polymyositis and Vasculitis.
  • Compression fracture of vertebra
  • Spondylolisthesis / Spondylolysis.
  • Scheuerman’s Disease (Adolescent Kyphosis)
  • Unilateral / bilateral cervical ribs with demonstrable neurological or circulatory deficit
  • Loss of cervical lordosis when associated with clinically restricted movements of cervical spine.
  • Any other abnormality as so considered by the specialist.

In addition, for Flying Branches the under mentioned rules will also apply:-

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1. Spinal Anomalies acceptable for Flying Duties

  • Bilateral complete sacralisation of LV5 and bilateral complete lumbarisation of SV1.
  • Complete block (fused) vertebrae in cervical and dorsal spine at a single level
  • Spina bifida in sacrum and in LV5, if completely sacralised

Apply for AFCAT 2 2016 here

2. Spinal Condition not acceptable for Flying Duties

  • Scoliosis more than 15 by Cobb’s method
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Atlanto occipital and atlanto-axial anomalies.
  • Presence of Schmorl’s node at more than one level
  • Unilateral sacralisation or lumbarisation (complete or incomplete) at all levels and bilateral in complete sacralisation or lumbrarisation
  • Hemi Vertebra and / or incomplete block (fused) vertebra at more than one level in cervical or dorsal spine.

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3. Occular Muscle Balance

Phorias with the Maddox Rod Test must not exceed:
At 6 meters 

  •        Exophoria 6 prism Diopters
  •        Esophoria 6 prism Diopters
  •        Hyperphoria 1 prism Diopters
  •        Hypophoria 1 prism Diopters

At 33 cm 

  •     Exophoria 16 prism Diopters
  •     Esophoria 6 prism Diopters
  •     Hyperphoria 1 prism Diopters
  •     Hypophoria 1 prism Diopters

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