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What are Officer Like Qualities (OLQ’s)

Few people are born with OLQ’s Officer Like Qualities. It doesn’t mean those people who lack these qualities can’t be an Officer. In my opinion there are not fix set of qualities to be an Officer. I can say some qualities are inherited but we can acquire these qualities. We can develop qualities by our self. Am I right? As every person is unique & have its own adaptability quality. If you have read my previous articles. Definitely you must have observed the repetition of word “Officer Like Qualities”. So here I am to describe an Officer Like Qualities in this post.

What are Officer Like Qualities (OLQ’s)


The first and important quality required in an Officers is “leadership”. One must have leadership quality to lead his/her team. Leader is the only person who guides What to do? When to do? How to do?. This quality is observed in SSB Interview.

Quick Decision Maker

An Officer must have quick decision making ability. In adverse circumstances an Officer is a leader of his/her team. The situation can be tackled by making fast decisions. This quality is keenly judged by Instructors at the time of SSB.


The third quality to be an Officer is “Courage”. Officer should be bold enough in order to take risks. Some secret mission are handed to an Officer. So they must be strong and bold enough to accept any risk.

Self Confidence

Self Confidence completely defines an Officer. If any kind of task is allotted its primary duty of an Officer to complete it. They must have enough self confidence that they will surely complete this task

Sense of Responsibility

The foremost quality in an Officer is “Sense of Responsibility“. If the target has been set up to accomplish them. An officer must have that much capability to finish that task. Nothing should be left for tomorrow.


An Officer must have cooperative nature. While SSB is conducted cooperation is observed in Group tasks. It’s true to say that the human is not cooperative can’t adjust anywhere.

Initiative Quality

A leader always initiates a work and motivate all others to take part in the work. In SSB interview this quality is always seen. Enhance this quality. Make efforts to take part in activities or programmes.

Physically and Mentally fit

It’s essential to be physically and mentally fit for an Officer. SSB don’t accepts who are not physically fit. The life in Armed Forces is quite challenging. During training duration you will be asked to do obstacles, lifts and many other exercises.


In armed forces stamina is must quality. How you can develop? Stretch yourself in doing many tasks, in terms of active time and soon stamina will increase and it will become a habit.

Warrior be confident you have the capability to become an Officer

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