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PABT Test Full Details- types, images, games

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PABT Test Full Detail

Let’s note down the points we are going to cover:

  • What is PABT?
  • What is the main motive of PABT?
  • Why is PABT required?
  • What are the types of PABT?
  • When is PABT conducted?
  • Why has PABT conducted once a life?
  • Download PABT battery game

What are PABT and its types?

PABT which is abbreviated as Pilot Aptitude Battery Test. This test is conducted during (SSB) Staff Selection Board. It comprises of written test and machine test. The PABT test is conducted in every nation in order to recognize if a candidate is fit to fly an aircraft. Candidate can take this test once a lifetime. This test is designed by DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization).


The Main motive of PABT

The motive of PABT is to judge candidate mind’s attitude if they can become a pilot. They actually test your presence of mind, quick response and learning power, capabilities and everything. They mainly determine if you have control of your limbs & nerves while flying an aircraft.

Why is PABT required?

The Indian Air Force observes if you have enough psychomotor (synchronisation of mind and limbs) skills to handle an aircraft with the least possible training. In the meantime, they will find out if the candidate is having natural qualities (as stated above) to become a successful pilot. (Do not think it’s difficult, it is a basic test and further training is given under strict supervision). Do you remember in childhood we all have played a video game of car racing. Wasn’t it easy? Here also we have to play a video game.

What are the types of PABT?

There are majorly three types of test:

  • INSB (The Instrument Battery Test) or Written Assessment
  • Sensory Motor Apparatus Test (SMA) or The Light Control Test (LCT)
  • Control Velocity Test (CVT) or Drum Test(DT)

We will begin with INSB

INSB (The Instrument Battery Test) or Written Assessment

This is a written type of test. The aim of INSB is to determine the capability of a candidate to read & interpret the different types of instruments. The instruments are shown and well explained by an instructor. Each and every point is clearly clarified by an instructor. Be careful and attentive during the lecture.
INSB written test has 75 questions in two parts, 15 and 60 questions. Total time allotted for INSB is 35 minutes.

Only six basic machines are explained over there in lecture and they are:

  1. Airspeed Indicator
  2. Magnetic Compass
  3. Artificial Horizon
  4. Altimeter
  5. Turn and back indicator
  6. Climb and Descent indicator

Here we will explain about and every instrument in detail so let’s begin with first Airspeed Indicator

Airspeed Indicator

Main motive: To calculate the speed of an aircraft.

This instrument indicates airspeed of the aircraft in mph (miles per hour) or knots. It is as simple as reading our car or bike’s speedometer. The needle of this instrument rotates in an anticlockwise direction. Now we will define and give details about the arc you are seeing in this image

  • Green arc: Reflects the normal operating range of speeds with the flaps fully retracted
  • White arc: Reflects a the flap operating range of airspeeds
  • Yellow arc: Reflects the speeds at which the airplane should only be operated in smooth air

Air Speed Indicator

Magnetic Compass:-

This compass is used to determine directions. In our daily life, we can have such types of examples in our school labs, homes. The magnetic works accurately when it is at still position i.e. unaccelerated.

In the question paper images are shown at different directions: south, east, west, north, north-east, south-east, north-west and south-west. So be alert while PABT test.

Magnetic Compass

Artificial horizon

Artificial horizon instrument which finds out the height of the aircraft at both the right and left wings of it. The plane position should be parallel so to maintain its parallelism to the base line. It must be not tilted to left and right. (line that divides blue color that denotes sky and dark color denotes ground in the image below).

Artificial Horizon


The altimeter is used to measure the height of the plane at which it is flying from the sea level. In altimeter, there are three needles and they move in clockwise direction. Simply it can be compared to a clock. The height is measured in yards or metres.

Example in our daily life: Protractor



Turn and back indicator

The instrument answers these two questions: Where the aircraft is turning and at which angle it is turning? There is one white ended needle given in the image below; If the plane moves left means, this white ended needle will move to the right and if the plane moves to right means, this white ended needle will move to left. It is also called as “turn coordinator”.

Turn and back indicator

Climb and Descent indicator

The instrument indicates the flying position of the plane. The unit will be in feet per minute. The plane goes up while taking off from the runway means, the needle goes up in the meter and it goes down if the aircraft is going to land on a runway.

Climb and Descent indicator

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PABT Practice images:

(By the images of an instrument candidate can find out the direction of the plane)







reading-4 f4

4.reading-5 f5

Now we are heading towards machine test

Sensory Motor Apparatus Test (SMA) or The Light Control Test (LCT)

The aim of this is to find the reflexes, mental alertness capabilities of a candidate with respect to external stimuli. In LCT, your sensory and locomotive abilities are tested in this examination. It is mainly used to find cooperation between our hands, legs and mind. As you can see in the image below there is one ball (white color) inside a rectangle, 2 spots in red and yellow  flashed off and on the screen. What you have to do?. Your task is to keep the white ball or dot in the centre of a rectangle.The longer white dot stays the more marks you get. Remind one thing all the instructions are clearly mentioned by the instructors.

The instruments given to them to do this machine assessment are:-
a) A hand-operated stick – This controls the movement of the spot of light on the screen in up and down direction.
b) Foot pedals – The task of a foot pedal is to move the spot or ball in a left and right direction.
c) Light Lever – A hand lever is provided which when moved forward puts off the red light and when backward puts off yellow light.

d) Beep button: A button on the top of the stick is used for putting off the beep sound in the headphones.

LCT Test

NOTE: – Three chances are given for this and the best performance of them is taken for consideration of their aptitude level.

Control Velocity Test (CVT) or Drum Test(DT)

Drum test in conducted in order to determine the ability to control the velocity. There are number of yellow dots in a sequence and one red dot (See the image provided below). You have to superimpose or overlap the red dot over the yellow or light dots. The maximum number you superimpose these dots, you score maximum marks. At each superimposition there is a small beep in the headphone. (Refer image)

Drum Test


We are giving you a video which displays Drum Test.

When is PABT conducted?

AFSB Air Force Selection Board conducts PABT test. It is conducted after intelligence test (only for candidates eligible for flying branch)

Why is it conducted once a lifetime?

This question revolves in the mind of every AFCAT flying aspirant. Why is it so?

The proper answer to this question can be explained in this way. If you certainly have natural qualities/inherent/genetic to control an aircraft, quick making decisions, spontaneous action then you are passed.

The instructor catches your attitude during the test. As instructor are well-trained and experienced so they keenly judge or examine you.

Our suggestion: It is as simple as playing video games. We suggest you to make a habit of playing video games. We also recommended you to go for coaching classes for PABT test. Usually, they guide you in two days with all the equipment required to clear PABT. We would like to remind you PABT is conducted on a single day.

Read the official notification released by IAF, it is clearly mentioned in two lines-

PABT conducted only once

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