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PABT Tips (Pilot Aptitude battery test)

I committed you earlier to come back with exclusive PABT Tips. I have already explained what is PABT, Types of PABT, Battery game etc. Now I am discussing some sure shot tips on PABT (Pilot Aptitude Battery Test). Tips are separately for INSB test, SMT test, CVT test. I advise you to read and apply on yourself. So here are they:

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While first I will discuss INSB Tips

The Instrument Battery Test Tips

Be Alert & Attentive

Be alert and attentive while the instructor explains about the instruments. The instructor will explain briefly about how instruments work & how to read them? Our kind advise listen carefully to them.

Be familiar with instruments before the test

It will be good if you are pre-familiar with all the tests & instruments. Read about them here.

Clear your doubts 

Ask your doubt and quires before the test from Instructors present there.

Time Management 

Time management plays a great role in PABT test. As 15 questions to be answered in 12 minutes. So I think this point no need to explained more.

Sensory Motor Apparatus Test Tips

Good Listener 

First understand the function of every part of a machine. Again I would suggest to be a good listener. Instructor explains about each and every detail.

Play video games

See this test is all about how much you can cooperate between your hands, legs and mind. I recommend to play video games at your home. The official game of IAF “Guardians of the Skies” will help you a lot. I have given link to download (Click here and details to understand about it. As the more you practice the more you improve.

Be calm

It is very essential to be calm and patient while you appear in this test. As you have to keep the white ball in the rectangle box. So there is enormous pressure on you. I would suggest take a long breathe and be calm.

Control Velocity Test (CVT) or Drum Test (DT) Tips

This test is to judge your controlling power (ability to control the velocity).


This is a simple game. Try to be very relax assume that you are playing a video game.

Number of Trials

There are three trials for SMT test and CVT test.

  1. First trial: Use first trial to understand the functions of its parts (Joystick, Pedal, Gear).
  2. Second trial: Try to use or move these parts. May you perform good in second trial. But if not go for third try.
  3. Third trial: Give your best output in last trial.

Remember this note: Your marks will be based on best of three trials not sum of three trials. So be very calm and patient.

PABT Coaching

Renowned coaching prefer PABT coaching. They have all the equipment’s associated in PABT test. You can also take advantage of it. Otherwise play video games at your home. It is more than sufficient.

So these were the PABT Tips you have to follow during PABT test.

If there is any doubt or query regarding PABT test tips. kindly drop the comment below or please contact us

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