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What is PPDT in SSB? (Picture Perception and Discussion Test)

Day 1 of SSB Interview where aspirants gather from various parts of the country. The test which is abbreviated as Picture Perception and Discussion Test or PPDT. The test which lies under screening test. After passing this test candidates are eligible for further tests. And trust me, it is quite simple. Students who are appearing for this test for the first time have to focus more on the day 1. As this is knockout round. So firstly know

  • What is PPDT in SSB?
  • How is it conducted?
  • How the candidates are shortlisted?

To solve your queries and answer your question I am here to provide each and every kind of information about PPDT (Picture Perception and Discussion Test).

What is PPDT in SSB?

PPDT which stands for (Picture Perception and Discussion Test). There are two tests in screening tests 1) OIR and 2) PPDT. PPDT is the second test where pictures are shown and aspirants have to write a story on it, narrate and discuss with the group members. The final story will be presented to the assessors

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How is it conducted?

Writing a story

  • A hazy or blurry picture is shown to a candidate for about 30 seconds. Surely you would be thinking why hazy pictures are shown? it’s all about to check your perception skills.

Let’s understand from this examplePPDT

  • By seeing this image most of them will say there are two people in this image, some says there are three while few of them says there is only one
  • Answer: There are three people images in the image. So this is your perception skill

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  • Only one minute is allotted to note down details like
  1. To identify the character
  2. Sex of a character
  3. Age of a character
  4. Mood of a character
  • Another 4 minutes are given to write a story. The main basic elements required
  1. What type of scenario is there in a story?
  2. What characters are doing? (the action part)
  3. What is the conclusion of a story?

Simply try to ask these questions while you write a story.

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After writing a story, candidates have to form a group where discussion will start

Individual and Group Discussion task

This is the most interesting part where candidates will be divided into groups of 12-14 members. All group members will sit in a semi-circle. Now this part begins with Individual narration and then finally group discussion. We will clearly explain both the parts below. Before the narration begins Instructor will guide you. 🙂

Individual Narration:

  • You have to narrate your story in front of every group member and interviewing officer
  • Candidate with the least chest number has to first narrate his/her story
  • You are free to use English or Hindi. My personal suggestion if you are comfortable in Hindi try to narrate it in “Hinglish”. Your communications skills, thinking level, rapid action means a lot
  • Within 1 minute complete your story

Group Discussion

  • Now the final round comes that is group discussion, as the individual narration is over group discussion begins
  • The group itself will discuss the best story to be presented in front of assessor
  • GD will go for 12-15 minutes long
  • Only one candidate will narrate the common story decided by the group

So here was the brief discussion about PPDT.

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If you wanna ask any kind of doubts or query regarding PPDT in SSB please do tell us. We will be pleased to help you!

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