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Preparation activities for SSB-Must Read

What are the Preparation activities for SSB?

It’s a trend intervention among students, “How to prepare for SSB”, What are the certain activities for SSB, What are the preparation activities for SSB etc etc. Some take advise of seniors, purchase books, join coaching or few of them google it. Thereafter, at the end of the day you might get bewildered what to do and what to not? As far my concern, SSB is not only a test but also a level where you showcase all the activities gained from childhood. The foremost thing is build confidence in yourself and it is quite possible. So here I am writing some required preparation activities for SSB.

  • Proper Scheduling: The first and formidable thing needed is to plan things and follow it. Make a list specifying the qualities or activities you are desiring to develop in yourself. Try to follow them one by one. As everything comes gradually. It can take long time, but it’s not the matter of discussion. Be calm and lot of patient to adopt these qualities.

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  • Physical and Medically fit: Everyone knows if you are facing SSB, medical test is must. You have to be medically fit as this is the final stage. Most of the candidates fail in Physical test. So it becomes paramount to make a routine of yoga’s, exercises and meditation.


  1. Daily Habit of reading newspaper: You must have heard, “Reading the morning newspaper is the realistic morning prayer. Read newspaper with a cup of tea 🙂 Go thoroughly and focus more on current issues of national and international importance. Later on, I will be discussing more on “How to read Newspaper. Reading newspaper is not only inherent for SSB aspirants but for all the people.

Download: “The Hindu” E- newspaper


  • Knowledge: Somebody has well said, “Knowledge has a beginning but no end as it increases, wonder deepens”. Already I counted “knowledge” in OLQ’s as an indispensable quality required to crack SSB. The more knowledge you have, the more you learn and understand the things beautifully”. I will suggested you to read “Indian Year Book” as it is published by Government of India. Indeed it the best book which covers all the topics.


  • Increasing IQ level: Having up to mark of IQ level can get you screen in. On the very first day of SSB interview reasoning questions (verbal and non-verbal) are asked. So constant practice of reasoning questions will make your mind more active and sharp.

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  • Sports: Being good in sports gives you plus point. During the training period it will reveal your overall personality. You never know what SSB assessors will examine in you. Although you be ready with your best loved sport.

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  • Try to adopt OLQ’s from now: Developing OLQ is not one day procedure. You have to put your ceaseless effort. Try to bring these qualities on the daily basis.

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  • Focus on English language: At the end of the day, you are going to be an officer. So it becomes more important to improve your English language. It’s not necessary that you have to speak in English only. But it leaves a good impression. Most of the students prefer “Hinglish” (English+Hindi)

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  • Communication skills: “First impression is the last impression” we are already familiar with SSB, it’s a game of expressing your personality. Good communication is an essential need.

Preparation activities for SSB-Must Read

  • Boost Confidence: Confidence is the key to get recommended in SSB. Either it is writing skills, speaking skills or in sports, confidence will help you out. It is truly said, “Confidence is believing yourself when no one else does”. So warriors uplift your confidence and rock


All the very best!!

Always remember “Courage above all the things is the first quality of a warrior”

Hope you will follow these activities and be an Officer of tomorrow

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