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Recent INDIA agreements with other countries

Today we are updating you with Recent INDIA agreements with other countries. You should know about it. We know GK is required in all the defence exams either it is AFCAT, CDSE, NDA and many more. Just go through these India agreements.

Recent INDIA agreements with other countries

Ø India – Canada–Civil Aviation

Ø India – Georgia–Electoral Cooperation

Ø India – Nepal–construction of petroleum pipeline

Ø India – Mozambique–New & Renewable Energy

Ø India – Australia–education and research

Ø India – America — PACE setter Fund

Ø India – US –crack down on fake note network

Ø India – Slovak Republic – Technical Cooperation in Railway Sector

Ø India – Bangladesh–Fake Currency

Ø India – Cambodia–Tourism, Mekong Ganga Project

Ø India – Indonesia–Cooperation in all Criminal matters

Ø India – German–Higher Education

Ø India – Belgium—Energy

Ø India – Colombia–Tourism

Ø India – China–water resources, culture

Ø India – Germany–Security Cooperation

Ø India – Vietnam–Animal Health

Ø India – Bangladesh–SOP to operationalize Coastal Shipping.

Ø India – Republic of Korea–air service cooperation

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