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Self Description Test in SSB (SD)

SSB Interview consist of five days. During physiological test candidates have to face rounds which are described below. Self Description Test is one of them which is conducted on the second day of SSB Interview. Let’s find out the detailed info of Self Description Test.

Already I have discussed about WAT, TAT and SRT. Now its time to know what is Self Description Test in SSB Interview 🙂

As the name suggests itself a candidate have to describe about himself/herself. It clearly defines “the whole personality of a person”. Your’s attitude and behavior towards society will be judged in this test. In other words “the test which is conducted to observe how much you are aware about yourself and what kind of perspective is made about you in the minds of people (around you). In this test “people” will be your parents, teachers, seniors………

I hope you have got the actual definition of SD……

Let’s describe it with an suitable example…….

You will be asked to write:

  • What is your Parent’s opinion about you?
  • What is your Friend’s opinion about you?
  • What is your Teacher’s opinion about you?
  • What is your Self opinion about you?
  • What is your Qualities to be developed?

Example of Self Description Test

Parent’s opinion: My parent’s think I am very mature, responsible and kind girl. As being an eldest daughter in my family I have accomplished my studies and stepped into a professional life. I am very concern about the respect, safety and security of girls. My innovative ideas are always welcomed by everyone. I am very confident when I do something. I have a strong will power to make impossible to possible. I have learnt to say “No”.

Friend’s opinion: My friend’s think I am a hard worker plus smart worker. They always feel positive by finding me near to them. They say I am loving and trusted girl. They feel proud to have me in their life. My helping nature tempts them to be my friend.
Teacher’s opinion: According to my teacher’s view I am a bright student in the college. They say she is going to be a bright star one day. They like my behavioral and supporting attitude when I help other students. In their view I am all-rounder.

Self Opinion: I am very nature loving girl. I have the ability to motivate others. I always think success is born from failure. Being a girl I try to inspire Indian girls to come forward and create their own path. I have immense respect towards martyred. I am goal oriented girl. I always fight against injustice goes around me. I have dreamed to set an example for others.

Qualities to be developed: 

  1. I am little bit short-tempered so I am trying to be calm in every situation by the practices of meditation and yoga.
  2. I am skinny so now I have started to do regular yoga and exercises.
  3. Sometimes I start to think a lot about my future but trying to be in present

I hope now you have got what is self description test in ssb with example…..:)

If you feel if there is any query in your mind feel free to leave the comment below. I will solve your problem.

NDAexamresult.com wishes you good luck!! (y)

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