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SRT in SSB I Situation Reaction Test

What is SRT?

SSB (Service Selection Board) conducts tests such as physiological, group and physical tests. SRT Situation Reaction Test lie under physiological test. In this test candidate have pass through through different situation tasks.


When is it conducted?


  • Probably Situation Reaction Test is scheduled on the second day of SSB. As SSB Interview is conducted for five days.

Why is it conducted?

  • SRT is conducted to examine a candidate’s common sense.
  • Psychologists determine Behavioural capabilities– Either positive or negative attitude or self interest
  • They conduct Situation Reaction Test in order to find if candidates are fit for armed forces and serve for country.
  • Judge’s presence of mind

  • Prompt response
  • Ability to think in pressure/adverse circumstances

How is it conducted? 

  • Each candidate will be given a booklet of 60 questions in 30-45 minutes only.
  • The time limit has been intentionally shortened as to ensure that the candidate gives the first reaction which comes to his mind without thinking much over it.

Why is it important?

  • We would like to inform you that SRT is high scoring test among SSB.
  • It is way of understanding between candidate and psychologists.
  • Psychologists examine if you have (OLQ’s) Officer like Qualities or not

Briefing for SRT given by Officers

  • While appearing in SSB candidates have to follow instructions given below
  • All candidates will be given sixty situations.
  • Total time will be 45 minutes for completing Situation Reaction Test 
  • Each situation will have few suggested reactions.
  • Candidates may choose an option which he thinks the best one.

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