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SRT Practice Questions PDF Download-Set-1 for AFCAT, NDA, CDS

SRT practice questions PDF: In the previous part we explained What is SRT? How is it conducted? Why is it conducted? and many more questions. Now we are heading towards SRT Practice Questions. These SRT questions will help you to make more responsive. We know SRT is a common test in NDA, AFCAT, CDS etc. These days many SSB interview rounds are going there. So here are some practice questions displayed below as well as available in PDF form. You are requested to practice them.

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SRT Practice Questions PDF

While travelling in a train, he came to know that someone has picked his pocket. He…

Ans. Try to alert the people, carry out a surprise check of the people and lodge a FIR with the police boarding down the train.

He has some other plans in life but his parents are forcing him to join Indian Defence Services. He….?
Ans. Sticks to his plan, makes his parents proud one day with his success.

Due to financial difficulties, his parents find it difficult to give him further education. He…

Ans. Take of part-time job during day, continue his evening classes, give financial support to his parents and work towards his professional competence simultaneously

While travelling in a train, you notice a man from the coach behind yours fall off the train. You would……?

Pull the chain and inform the guard.

You find that the person whom you call your friend has been cheating you. What would you do ?

Ans. Let him realize his mistake n then make him feel guilty in his own eyes.

Emergency has declared in the city where his unit is located. He is the CO of the unit. He…

Ans. Alerts the unit, gives optimum support to the Deputy Commissioner of Police and discharges his duty as per the laid down customs and traditions of the army.

His wife is seriously sick but his boss has refused to give him leave
He gently asks again and promises to complete his work from home and email from home
His financial condition is weak and he is the eldest son but his parents wants to continue his studies

He will take up a part-time job & also continuing his studies. After completion of studies he will go for a good and look after his parents

His marriage has been fixed but one day before the marriage the girl meets with an accident and loses one eye. He will…

He will marry that girl. Later he gets treatment done by the transplantation of eye

He felt that the work he is presently engaged is useless. He…

Ans. Tries to develop interest in the job, take the job more seriously and enjoy the work.

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