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Latest SSB Group Discussion, GD Topics 2016

Hello Warriors,

How you are doing? Recently I published article on Common GD Topics asked in SSB (Must Read). Now I am here to give you latest SSB Group Discussion GD Topics 2016. Let me give you a short brief on GTO Tasks

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GTO Tasks are conducted on the 3rd and 4th day of SSB Interview. Your individual as well as team performance will be tested in GTO. You must be aware about these 9 tasks, they are mentioned below:

  1. Group Discussion (GD)
  2. GPE or MPE group/military planning exercise:-
  3. Progressive group task (PGT)
  4. Snake race
  5. Lecturette
  6. Half group task(HGT)
  7. Individual obstacles
  8. Command task
  9. Final Group Task (FGT)

Whereas Group Discussion is a first task and candidates have to actively participate and discuss on the given topic. The topic is given by the Group Task Officer. Here is a full list where all the latest SSB Group Discussion GD Topics 2016 are specified:

Latest SSB Group Discussion, GD Topics 2016

  1. Planning Commission: NITI Aayog
  2. What are the pros and cons of 7th Pay Commission?
  3. Section 377 of Indian Penal Code and its Constitutionality
  4. Reservation system in India
  5. Indian-US Nuclear Deal
  6. How we can empower Indian women?
  7. Growth of Start-ups
  8. Crimes by Juveniles in India
  9. Can government control rising inflation?
  10. Increase rate of Unemployment in India
  11. Naxalism, Maoism or Terrorism
  12. Gender Discrimination and child abuse
  13. Odd-Even Rule: How successful it was?
  14. Internet
  15. Trends in Divorce in India
  16. Which is better Arrange marriage or Love marriage?
  17. What is the role of Media?
  18. Social Media, the growing platform
  19. What are the steps required for making India corruption free?
  20. Enhancement in Defense Technology
  21. How can we bring “Corruption free India”?
  22. What effect FDI will have on our economy and also on poor population?
  23. Will banning days like Valentines Day, Kiss Day, Hug Day etc restore the values of our culture?
  24. Is there requirement of amendment in our current education system?
  25. Online Shopping: Pros and Cons
  26. What, Why & How of Zika Virus

If you are aware about these topics it well and good otherwise please have a look on them!

These are latest Burning GD Topics in SSB which can help you

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