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SSB Interview Questions for NDA, AFCAT, CDS

SSB Interview Questions

SSB (Service Selection Board) Interview is a common interview to every entry. SSB is all about to assess your mental ability, physical fitness, personality and aptitude. It is a five-day process in which personal interview comes in the end. The final testing goes in this stage. Here comes the question, What is actually seen in the Personal Interview? The simplest answer is candidate’s whole personality is judged in this stage. It is a physiological assessment which examines candidate’s quick response, presence of mind, feasible decisions, honesty and OLQ’s. So we are here to unfold Best SSB Interview Questions which will really help you!

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SSB Interview Questions for NDA, AFCAT, CDS

1) General Questions about yourself

  • What is your name and meaning of the name?
  • From which place do you belong?
  • Are you working currently?
  • How many family members do you have, also tell their name?
  • Tell us about yourself?
  • Why do you want to join Armed Forces?
  • Why did you gave first preference as Army / Air Force / Navy?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

2) Education Type of Questions

  • What was your percentage in 10th, 12th and graduation?
  • Any specific achievements in your academics?
  • Why you chose this stream? (Science/Arts/Commerce etc)
  • What was the reason that you completed your graduation from distance? (If it is)
  • Why your percentage fall in 12th or graduation and how you overcome it? (If it is)
  • What was the strategy, you followed in increasing your percentage in 12th class or graduation?
  • What do you like self-study or combine study and why?

Family Background type of questions

  • How many members do you have in your family?
  • How you help your parents?
  • How much pocket-money you got in your college days and how much you utilized
  • You are close to which family member and why
  • How you act as a responsible person to your family
  • What is the monthly salary of your father and mother, if they are working?
  • How will you help your family by your salary?
  • Who is your best friend and why?

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  • What is your favorite hobby? Why?
  • From when do you have this as a hobby?
  • What did you learn from your hobby?
  • Why didn’t you made your hobby as a career?
  • What was your childhood hobby?

For Working Professionals:-

  • Why you are leaving your previous job
  • What is the opinion of your boss and co workers about you?
  • Tell about your company or organization
  • What difficulty you faced in your job and what are the steps you taken to overcome those difficulty

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Personal life’s questions

  1. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? (And for the obvious answer No-Why you do not have)
  2. Do you have physical relationship with your girlfriend/boyfriend?
  3. Do you smoke or Drink?
  4. Do you watch Porn?
  5. Who is your favorite porn star?
  6. What if you are not recommended this time?
  7. Do you think you have Officer like Qualities?

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So these were some SSB Interview Questions for NDA, AFCAT, CDS and  forvarious entries. The mool mantra to clear personal interview is to stay clam and relaxed. This would surely make you recommend 🙂

Good luck

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