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SSB Selection Rate for various entries

There is not a hard and fast rule for selection at SSB. Candidates are selected on the basis of their outstanding performance. Sometimes maximum number of candidates got recommended and sometime none of them. The universal truth is, “Their priority is Quality not Quantity”. SSB Selection Rate is not fixed it varies for different entries.

So here is a complete list showing SSB Selection Rate in few of the Armed Forces entries. This estimation is made by analysts so it may vary by 5% to 7%.

SSB Selection Rate for various entries


The candidates passing from prestigious academies like NDA or TES has excellent record. The SSB selection rate is 15% to 20% (approx)


CDS which is the most popular exam after graduation. The SSB Selection rate is considered 15% (approx)

SSC (Women) Non Technical

It has been recorded, candidates through this selection are good enough. The selection ratio goes nearly 15%-20%

Technical Entries

The Selection through this entry is not so good. The approx selection rate is below 10%


NCC entry is a special kind of entry who can apply by having NCC “C” Certificate. It has been noticed the selection ratio can be around 5% (not more than that). The poorest record of NCC may be the direct entry to SSB.

So this was a rough analysis for various Armed Forces entries.

What is Important at the end?

The SSB Selection Rate for the different entries as stated above is only the representation data just to inform you. If you are Defence Aspirant focus on your SSB preparation and Be Yourself!

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