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TAT and its amazing tips Thematic Apperception Test

Nowadays it has been seen number of students desire to join for Armed Forces. Many clear first stage and pass for the further stage i.e. SSB Interview round. SSB is conducted all the five days. However TAT (Thematic Apperception Test) is one of them and which is considered “easy” to pass. Today we will describe What is Thematic Apperception Test? What are the tips to clear TAT? TAT questions and many more exciting things to know. However you are requested to go through the whole post and ask your queries.

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Here we begin with

What is TAT?

TAT which is abbreviated as “Thematic Apperception Test”. TAT is a projective psychological test. TAT is conducted by SSB after completion of Intelligence or Screening test. Generally it is scheduled on the second of SSB Interview. SSB Interview goes continuous for five days. It can be treated as scoring test if you follow our tips to clear Thematic Apperception Test.

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In TAT, pictures are shown to the candidates. And candidates have to look these pictures and create a story. They will be asked to write a story which has to be very clear.

Each story should have a centralized character. He/She must have officer like qualities (OLQs) when portraying the character of a Hero. Pictures are shown below have a look on that!

How TAT is conducted?

Candidates are asked to be seated in an auditorium or a big hall.  There will be a projector or OHP set to project the pictures on the screen. SSB officer or Instructor will give a  brief about the test before Thematic Apperception Test begins.

Let’s look on main points:

  • The image will be displayed for 30 seconds
  • Only 3-4 minutes are allotted to write each story (Some SSB centre follow 3 min while other 4 min)

Thematic Apperception Test Tips

  • Firstly observe the background/scenario whether it is city, village, town. Now judge the characters involved in it.
  • Relate the story with yourself as you are in the story
  • Figure out the main character from the story. It is very important to pick out this role. Assume the main character as yourself
  • Note: Main character: This character is the centralized character which must have Officer like qualities (strong, brave, bold)
  • You should keep in mind positive story has great impact. So try to depict your story in a positive way
  • The bad part is the shortage of time. After analysing a character and scenario close your eyes and see what would you have done if you were in the story. Frame it in a well mannered and an effective way.
  • What to do if negative type of pictures (dead body, accident) are shown? Just avoid it and try to turn your story in a positive mood
  • Simply write down what you saw while you closed your eyes
  • Sentences should be short, simple and meaningful
  • It’s important if your story contain a moral or final outcome
  • Try to write in a past tense
  • You should be alert that don’t describe a picture, just with the help of these pictures write a story

TAT examples

TAT tat-practice-set-1-22-638 tat-practice-set-1-16-638 tat-practice-set-1-14-638By

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