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TAT/PPDT Story on negative images Set-1

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Today we are giving you ideas on how to write a story on negative images. Often it has seen some students stuck in this case. In the previous post we recommended you to write your story in a positive mood. In the critical situation if accident, robbery, dead body images are displayed. How to create a story on these images? Just be cool we will guide you. Take a long breath and see how we will turn these stories into a positive mood. Check TAT/PPDT Story on negative images.Also read:

TAT/PPDT Story on negative images

TAT/PPDT Story on Accident Scene


Mohit is driving a car with his little daughter Rithima. Already he was late to reach his daughter’s School PTM as only 15 minutes were left. Suddenly he met with an accident with a school boy. Crowds gathered and Mohit came out of his car. Immediately he took a boy in his car and rushed to nearby hospital. Police also came there for investigation but Mohit accepted his crime. He also committed not to drive fast again in the future. After this incident they came to know the school boy was classmate of Rithima. He was also getting late to school.

(Qualities of Mohit: Quick decision, Guts to commit his mistake)

TAT/PPDT story on Robbery Scene


Sandeep who declared as a Captain of his NCC team in Republic Day Parade. He was awarded for his outstanding performance in all the NCC camps. While he was returning with his friend from the function. The Lady was shouting thief thief. Suddenly Sandeep saw a man carrying a purse passing by his car. Sandeep with his friend ran behind him & chased the thief. Lastly the thief returned the lady’s bag all the things he had with him. Sandeep handed the thief to police.

(Qualities of Sandeep: Courageous, Helping nature)

TAT/PPDT story on dead bodyTAT/PPDT Story

Lt. Arun Kumar who martyred in the bomb attack. His dead body is on the stretcher and transferred to his family from operation theatre room. His brother is also walking behind the stretcher and feeling helpless. During saving his soldier from bomb attack Arun lost his life. Lt. Arun Kumar cremation was peacefully done by Prime Minister. As he was the brave and courageous Officer who led his life for the nation. His eight years son take a pledge to be an officer like his father.

(Qualities of Lt. Arun Kumar: Endless qualities as qualities of a martyr can’t be counted….Jai hind!)

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Dead Body story was shared by SSB aspirant Divyansh recommended for AFSB Dehradun

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