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Top ten tips for SSB 2016

The SSB interviews are going on and many of them are little bit nervous. First of all I would say believe in yourself and give your 100%. Today I am here to acknowledge you with Top ten tips for SSB 2016. These tips will help you a lot kindly do read it very carefully.

Top ten tips for SSB 2016

Know about yourself

The foremost thing which is efficiently required in SSB interview is to know about yourself. This is going to be a prior among all the tips.

Appropriate info about Armed Forces

Well it is thoroughly understood you are going to face SSB. So no need to explain about this point. Just open search engine then search and read about armed forces news, appointments, missiles, ranks. schemes etc.

Develop OLQ’s Qualities

As it is understood you are stepping towards the most dignitary services that is Defence services. List out the all the Officer Like Qualities and work on your weak areas. You are going to be an Officer then it really becomes important for you to be very familiar about weak and strong points about you. Read about OLQ’s here

General Knowledge

Make a habit of reading and watching news. This will definitely help you in every field. Just focus more on the burning and current topics. I recommend to memorize last six months Current affairs. Also don’t forget to mug up knowledge about your graduation/post graduation subjects.

Dress Etiquette

You are going to be a part of prestigious organization of India. Must look and observe about Officers dressing etiquette. How neatly and smartly they dress themselves. It’s not about being stylish. Simple and soberness matters a lot. Your dressing etiquette will be tested almost each and every day. Check which kind of dress are required in SSB.

Physical fitness

Again it is important to be both physically and mentally fit. Now it’s time to alter your daily routine. Go for a morning walk and do regular exercises. Either you are a male or female you must have enough stamina to complete any task in GTO or any physical task.

Boost your confidence

The most important thing “Confidence” which is observed from the very first day. Everything is only possible by confidence. Develop your faith in completing any kind of task not only in SSB. Your confidence in seen in your personality the way you walk, talk means everything.

IQ level

Your IQ level is tested in verbal and non verbal tests. Questions comes from junior class level. The candidate having average IQ level can crack these exams. So don’t worry just prepare yourself. Practice such questions which are related to verbal & non verbal tests.

Communication skills

Candidates who will appear in SSB. Try to focus and improve your communication skills. Participate in your schools/colleges speech competition. It will not only enhance your communication skill but will boost your confidence. Try to speak in English while you face your SSB.


When we talk about Armed forces punctuality plays a major role. Reaching on time is good but before reaching on time makes you a unique. Before any task commence be there in allotted time, follow the rules and maintain the discipline.

These were the simple Tips for SSB. So follow it and become a part of such a renowned and honorable services.

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Updated: March 4, 2016 — 11:35 am

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  1. How much priority is given to Intermediate (phy+math’s) marks in SSBs?If my overall aggregate in HS is above 75%, but aggregate of PCM is less than 60%,then how will it affect the final outcome of SSBs result.Kindly suggest ways to overcome this challenge while facing SSBs.

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