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Vocabulary words with Hindi Meaning Set 2

  1. Introspection: To examine own thoughts, आत्मनिरीक्षण
  2. Retrospection: To examine other thoughts
  3. Accolades: विशेष सम्मान के रूप में दिये गये पुरस्कार,  a ceremonial embrace b : a ceremony or salute conferring knighthood
  4. Licentious: immoral, unprincipled, frail, bad, licentious
  5. Elegy: शोकगीत, elegy, dirge
  6. Hymn: भजन, psalm, prayer
  7. Quash: मिटा देना, दबाना, clamp, stifle, depress, press, compress
  8. Refrain: To stop your self from doing something that you want to do, अलग होना
  9. Lofty: बुलंद, of imposing height; especially standing out above others
  10. Assail: आक्रमण करना, attack, pounce, raid, strike, fall on
  11. Surplus: अतिरिक्त, additional, Extra, moreover, adscititious
  12. Indubitably: in a manner or to a degree that could not be doubted, सुनिश्चित रूप से
  13. Uplift: boost,उन्नति
  14. Solaced: Relief, repose, धीरज
  15. Palliate: कम करना,make (a disease or its symptoms) less severe without removing the cause

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Updated: May 28, 2016 — 6:51 am


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