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WAT in SSB Word Association Test with examples

Earlier we told you, SSB interview is conducted for 5 days. WAT is one of them. WAT stands for Word Association Test. WAT is scheduled on the second day of SSB Interview. Let’s find out all the detailed information regarding WAT

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What is WAT?

WAT is conducted to examine a candidate’s stimulus reaction to every action (“word”). In this test candidates are shown words in a continuous way. From these words you have to form a meaningful sentence. One by one 60 words are shown. Each word will remain in front of you for only 15 seconds. There will be buzzer to indicate that word has changed. The time is very restricted so you have to be very quick. You will be provided a sheet and you have to write your sentence in suitable sheet.

This test is quite easy. We are representing some examples given below.
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WAT Examples

Knowledge: Knowledge can be enhanced us by our keen observations

  1. Idea: Innovative ideas are always welcomed by everyone
  2. Life: Lead your life with joy and happiness
  3. Future: Your future depends purely on hard work
  4. Self Confidence: Self Confidence is a way to success
  5. Time: Everyone must save their time
  6. Impossible: Proper management and planning can turn impossible to possible
  7. Fear: Soldier don’t know the meaning of fear
  8. Love: God’s love is trustworthy
  9. Each: Each candidate have to appear in a medical test
  10. Pray: We all pray to god for your healthy life
  11. Employ: Employees are treated as family members
  12. Baby: Baby girl is the greatest gift by God
  13. Success: Success is one step ahead
  14. Subject: You must give 100% in your examinations
  15. Responsibility: Everyone must be responsible towards society’s rules and regulations

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We will be back with lot more exciting post like WAT Tips, Word Association Test Questions PDF and many more………

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