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WAT Tips and Guidelines (SSB Interview)

Word Association Test in which most of the students think how to write simple and effective sentences. So today we are giving you some tips and guidelines for WAT. These guidelines will help in improving you. Read out these points and implement in your daily life. Do tell us if there is any query in your mind related to WAT Tips.
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WAT Tips and Guidelines

  • Write whatever flashes in your mind at the first time, while the word is displayed on the screen
  • Try to make simple and short sentences. Approx the sentence can contain 6-8 words
  • Avoid proverbs, idioms and quotations. This outcomes your fake personality
  • Do daily practice of 40-50 words for WAT. Even in your daily life you see various things so try to form sentences in your mind at one glance
  • Write whatever you feel. Excessive thinking on one word can leave you behind
  • Make positive sentences. If there are negative words try to turn their mood into a positive way
  • However positive sentences are preferable. The sentences should indicate towards OLQ’s: responsible, honest, strong (Some of them)
  • Try to be very natural. I mean do not write your answers related to Armed forces (Defence).
  • Don’t use word “I” much in your sentences
  • It’s a request to write your sentences in present tense.
  • Also avoid use of modal like can, may, could, must etc.
  • Take care of proper usage of grammar and spelling
  • Last but not the least “Handwriting should be neat and clean”

Do well :)……………….Good luck 🙂

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