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WAT Word Association Test Examples Set 1

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Again I am here to provide some latest WAT Examples. By practicing these WAT sessions can bring change. First try by yourself and then check solutions of each word. This is Set 1, NDAexamresult.com will be back with some more interesting practice sets. Kindly check these WAT examples below:

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WAT Word Association Test Examples Set 1

  1. Deep: Deep thinking brings innovative ideas
  2. Bomb: Experts diffused the bomb at right time
  3. Confusion: Depth and Researched studies avoids confusions
  4. Youth: Today’s youth has more powerful thoughts
  5. Overcome: Self confidence overcomes fear
  6. Break: Records are broke with continuous efforts
  7. Meditation: Meditation boosts our will power
  8. Mother: Mother loves her children unconditionally
  9. Joy: Joy showers the happiness in life
  10. Develop: Soon India is going to be a developed country
  11. India: India is a fastest growing country
  12. Society: Women are the important part of our society
  13. Lie: Happiness lies in our soul
  14. Training: Regular training leads to perfectionism
  15. Passion: A huge passion is required to fulfill dreams

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Updated: April 6, 2016 — 12:29 pm

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