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What to write in a TAT blank story

This question is often asked by the candidates preparing for SSB. Do you know about TAT? or how to write a TAT story? As we have discussed in-depth on these two queries. You can get full details here. The current topic is What to write in a TAT blank story? So here I am here to give details and summarize you.

By seeing a blank slide sometimes mind also gets blank 🙂 This situation actually happens with the candidates attempting SSB for the very first time. After going through this post you will surely get lot ideas. Let me first clear you, this story will describe you!

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What to write in a TAT blank story

  • This is a good opportunity to write a story which is closely related to your own experience and quality. In simple words “Write your own story”
  • The story should be realistic. Do not worry what psychologists will think about you. (They are experienced and can even judge by seeing you)
  • Be very clear to pour your own ideas. Instead of pre-conceived thoughts.
  • Be sure that you have maintained your originality (Not only in this test but in whole SSB Interview procedure) This is going to help you 🙂
  • Your story should be simple, positive with a conclusion. Ask yourself! if this story really created an impact on you
  • It is true that psychologist judges officer like qualities. If your story lacks these qualities part, be calm. Do not try to centralize your story forcefully on OLQ’s
  • Remember you have ended your story with the best possible solution

This point is going to help you be yourself! and that’s all 🙂 🙂

So this was a short guide on What to write in a TAT blank story?

I hope you are satisfied by these points. If not, then please be free to suggest your opinions to improve this article more

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